GlasTek offers a design development service for glass designers, glass factories and glass manufacturers.

All aspects of design development are covered, from the initial design drawing stage, through to the finished design in production.

GlasTek works closely with the designer to ensure an effective development downtime, precise production models and the development of moulds and glass tools that will later be used in production.


Design development:
Consultation with the potential designer/manufacturer at the drawing stage. This gives a relavant downtime in the early stages of the design development.


Production ready design models:
Manufacturing design models for designers, enabling corrections to be made in the development stages.


Design out-sourcing:
Contacting eventual manufactures for production out-sourcing possibilities.


Production development:
A follow through in the production of the finished design, ensuring a significant downtime in the initial manufacturing stages.


Glass designers:
Design possibilities for manufactures that have a need for modern designed products in glass.
GlasTek can offer the expertise of world class glass designers from Denmark and Scandinavia.
World renowned for a high standard of design, Denmark has a number of glass designers who have a vast experience in glass products, which are maufactured in various factories around the world.


Glass manufacturing tools:
GlasTek can provide a wide range of glass making/glass manufacturing tools. Metal, graphite, wooden and concrete moulds.
Specialist graphite hand tools for production glass making, to ensure a continuity in production quality standards.


Glass technical database:
Technical assistance for glass techniques, glass equipment, technical equipment, furnace and annealing ovens.


Unique & limited editions:
GlasTek can produce unique commisions, sculptures, small series and limited editions to order.


Glassmaker education:
Glassmaker training in new techniques and production quality improvement skills at all levels.